Who is Drew?

Drew is a, London-based, personal trainer and creator of Your Fitness Space By Drew Perrott. Having travelled around the world, and been taught by the very best coaches, Drew has learnt how to use resistance training methods, combined with cardiovascular exercise, to develop initiatives that are ideal for fat loss, as well as toning and conditioning. Based on this knowledge, he has developed innovative workout programs and ground-breaking training techniques.

Drew knows, however, that physical exercises on their own are not enough to guarantee good health. He believes that in order to look good and feel great, exercise needs to be combined with a balanced diet. 

When eating a balanced diet, you are well on the way to a better life. Only then your mental wellbeing improves, which positively impacts your overall health. Drew includes nutritional and wellbeing advice in all his programs. 


Good mental wellbeing is the feeling of being comfortable, healthy and happy in your own skin. A high level of wellbeing would be when you feel satisfied or feel a sense of excitement for life: your energy levels increase, stress decreases, and your quality of sleep improves. 


Word of mouth of Drew’s unique training and nutritional methods has spread quickly from his base in London to New York, Monaco and Milan. Drew runs a successful personal training business that involves online membership, live sessions, fitness packages and 1:1 training that are tailored to each client’s individual needs, at their own pace, no matter where they are.