Who is Drew?


Good question!

Drew is a London based personal trainer who has developed innovative programs and ground breaking techniques for more than 15 years.  Combining fitness programs with Thai boxing (having trained at the world famous Lamai training camp in Thailand), it was during his stay that Drew experienced a new level of physical intensity, combining bodyweight exercises alongside punching and kicking, initiatives that were ideal for fat loss as well as toning and conditioning.


Drew’s training encompasses nutrition and lifestyle advice.  Drew studied the nutritional habits of indigenous tribes for two years and adopted their eating habits.  He has passed these observations onto his clients, coining the term ‘Caveman’ eating to describe their consumption of foods in their most basic form, eating at the right times and in the correct quantities.


Drew has since developed a program which encourages clients to envision themselves as hunters / gatherers in the wild, activities which include picking objects up, squatting, lunging, throwing and sprinting while at the same time feeding on foods which are natural and full of nutrients.  Word of mouth of Drew’s unique training and nutritional program has spread from London to New York, Monaco and Milan.  Drew now runs a successful personal training initiative that focuses on training clients in their own space.