The Concept:

Effective Personal Training Online.

The fact is -

gym membership doesn't make you fit - it's you, your motivation, and the way you activate your body and mind that helps you to meet your goals and attain the fitness levels you want.


Drew Perrott will train you online - its simple, no expensive gym memberships, no bulky treadmills or weight machines, just you, your trainer and a personalised mix of fitness training, muscle toning and nutritional advice.


Effective personal training with Drew Perrott:

Improve muscle tone

Lose body fat

Increase muscle strength 
Improve cardiovascular fitness  
Become more flexible

Prevent injuries  
Rehabilitation after injury 
Lose weight effectively 
Nutritional advice

Nutritional programs 
Self massage techniques
Meditation techniques  
Live training; Group HIIT workout’s by Drew on Zoom
Video talks on health & fitness by Drew

Achieve weight loss


Drew's blend of nutrition and exercise design, running simultaneously with a map that's precise to your goals, will deliver remarkable changes in how you look and feel about yourself.